Romania Digital Nomad Visa Guide 2024 For Remote Workers

Romania Digital Nomad Visa Guide 2024 For Remote Workers

Romania Digital Nomad Visa Guide 2024 For Remote Workers

Digital nomads, individuals capable of remote work from any location worldwide, now have a unique opportunity with the Romania Digital Nomad Visa. Designed to attract non-Europeans, this visa allows foreign citizens to apply for the Romania Long Stay Visa for Other purposes – D/AS. With a goal of welcoming over 2,000 digital nomads annually, Romania offers enticing benefits, including tax-free income for those already paying taxes in their home country.

About Romania

Renowned for its low-income requirements, tax benefits, affordable living expenses, fast internet connectivity, and streamlined visa process, Romania has become a favored destination among digital nomads. VisaGuide.World ranks Romania third globally, trailing only Spain and Argentina. Launched in December 2021 to bolster the country’s economy, this visa presents a promising opportunity for digital nomads seeking a conducive environment for remote work. Here’s everything you need to know about the Romania Digital Nomad Visa:

Key Details:

– Visa Name: Long Stay Visa for Other purposes – D/AS (For Nomads)

– Validity: One year, renewable for an additional year

– Job Offer Requirement: Not applicable

– Visa Process: Smooth and efficient

– Number of Visas: 2,000 annually

– Processing Time: Average of 2 weeks

Benefits for Digital Nomads:

– Streamlined application process through local Romanian embassy or Ministry of Foreign Affairs website

– Tax-free income for those already taxed in their home country

– Low cost of living compared to other European countries

– Low-income requirements

– Opportunity to travel to other Schengen countries without additional visa requirements

– Romania’s status as a European Union member

Requirements for Romania Digital Nomad Visa:

To qualify for the Romania Digital Nomad Visa, applicants must meet the following criteria:

– Ability to work remotely

– Employment with companies not registered in Romania

– Freelancers, YouTubers, Bloggers, and Vloggers eligible to apply

– Health insurance covering €30,000 for travel and stay in Romania

– Clean criminal record certificate

– Completed visa application form

– Valid passport (with at least 6 months validity beyond intended stay)

– Two recent passport-sized photos

– Proof of accommodation in Romania (hotel reservation, rental agreement)

– Sufficient financial resources demonstrated through bank statements

– Proof of remote work

– Proof of paid taxes

– Proof of travel ticket to Romania

– Minimum income requirement: Average earnings 3x the gross monthly average salary in Romania (approximately €3,300 to €3,700 for the past six months)

Application Process:

1. Create an online account on the Romanian eVisa Platform.

2. Prepare required documents as listed.

3. Apply for the visa, selecting the appropriate type (Long Stay Visa for Other purposes – D/AS).

4. Await response, with approval typically received within two weeks.

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With its straightforward application process and appealing benefits, the Romania Digital Nomad Visa offers a promising opportunity for remote workers seeking an enriching experience in Eastern Europe. Prepare your application diligently and embark on your digital nomad journey in Romania.

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