5 Nigerian Scholarships For 100 Level Students

5 Nigerian Scholarships For 100 Level Students

5 Nigerian Scholarships For 100 Level Students

Affording tertiary education in Nigeria can be challenging for many students and their families, especially given the minimum wage of 33,000 naira. Beyond tuition fees, there are additional expenses like accommodation, upkeep, dues, and educational materials.

While student loans may seem like a solution, many are cautious due to potential risks, especially with online lenders. However, there’s an alternative: Nigerian scholarships offer financial assistance without the burden of repayment.

In this article, we’ve curated a selection of Nigerian scholarships tailored to ambitious undergraduate students. These scholarships cover various fields and are offered by both private companies and organizations:

  1. Oil and Gas Nigerian Scholarships:

– Oil and gas companies like Chevron, NNPC, Exxon Mobile, Shell, PTDF, NLNG, and others offer scholarships to Nigerian students pursuing degrees in fields related to the oil and gas industry.

  1. MTN Science and Technology Scholarship (STS) Nigerian Scholarship:

MTN’s Science and Technology Scholarship (STS) supports dedicated 300-level students in science and technology-related courses at Nigerian public tertiary institutions. Recipients receive annual scholarships valued at N200,000.00 until graduation.

  1. Guinness Nigeria Undergraduate Scholarship Program:

– This program aims to empower Nigerian students by offering full tuition scholarships to undergraduates and recent graduates in public Nigerian universities. Eligible fields include STEM courses, humanities, administration, law, and medicine.

Apply here: https://www.guinness-nigeria.com/careers/internships/undergraduate-scholarship/

  1. NGO Nigerian Scholarships:

– Various NGOs offer scholarships to Nigerian students based on academic merit, leadership qualities, and commitment to making a positive impact on society. Examples include the David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship Scheme and the Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship.

Click here to apply for Jim Ovia Scholarship: https://www.jimoviafoundation.org/scholarship

  1. State Scholarships:

– Certain states and local governments provide scholarships specifically for their residents. Students are encouraged to reach out to their respective state authorities for eligibility criteria.

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Before applying for any of these scholarships, thorough research is essential. Unlike student loans, these scholarships are free and do not require repayment, making them an attractive option for students seeking financial assistance for their education.

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